Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rhodes (Chamber) Singers Tour, Day 3

Hey everybody! We're now in Ft. Worth, and we've had a full day of rehearsals with the Broadway Baptist Chancel Choir as we make final preparations for tomorrow's huge concert. We are joining forces with them to perform Faure's Requiem with members of the Ft. Worth and Dallas Symphony Orchestras, so if you're in the area tomorrow night at 7:00 PM, please come hear this free concert!

It was a gorgeous spring day in Ft. Worth, and we had the entire evening to spend as we pleased. My mother came over from Dallas, and we went to the famous Joe T. Garcia's for dinner. Afterwards, we walked around the Ft. Worth Stock Yards and drove around downtown. Tomorrow morning, Rhodes Singers and Chamber Singers will offer some a cappella music in service at Broadway Baptist, and then we'll spend the afternoon resting before the big show.

I'll keep the text of this post short, and I'll let today's pictures speak for themselves. 

The choir loft and organ at Broadway Baptist
Beautiful Caravants organ, one of the largest in the state.

Amen. Seek the Shalom of your city.

Broadway Baptist, exterior

Downtown Ft. Worth

Joe. T. Garcia's! 

Cowboys, boots, wranglers, and rodeos. Excellent.

Ride 'em cowboy!
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