Thursday, June 28, 2012

Walk Together Children: Choral Tour, Day 2

Today was our first full day in Salzburg. In the morning, we were tourists, and in the evening, we were musicians.

After a full Austrian breakfast - and by full, I mean oatmeal, fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, bacon, sausage, cereals, a wide variety of bread (so yes, FULL breakfast) - we made our way towards the old city (Altstadt) for a tour of the Mirabel Gardens, or the gardens of the royal family, which was the same garden where Julie Andrews and the von Trapps sang "Do Re Mi"in The Sound of Music. After galavanting about the gardens, we crossed the river Salzach to see the Mozart Gebortshaus; translation: the house in which Mozart was born. Meaning: I walked through the tiny apartment that the young W. A. Mozart grew up in, and I stood in the very room where Mozart was birthed. To say it was a transcendent experience would be an understatement. When we departed the Mozart Gebortshaus, we toured around Altstadt, including the catacombs that inspired the climactic final scene of The Sound of Music, and we made our way up to the Fortress atop the mountain to take in some fan-freaking-tastic views of the city.

And then we made our way into the Salzburg Dom, or the cathedral. When I walked in, my jaw dropped. High ceilings. Marbled floors. Paintings and sculptures in the style of the Italian Baroque. Five, count 'em, FIVE pipe organs in the cathedral. And, oh yeah, I will be singing in a concert in this space where Mozart was the Kappellmeister.

Oh fine, I hear you screaming, "PICTURES!" Let me give you a few.

Mirabel Gardens

This is a fence on the pedestrian bridge over the Salzach River. These locks are placed on the fence by star-crossed lovers who are making their commitments to one another. They lock the lock on the fence and throw the key in the river.
Crowded street in Altstadt 
Of all the things I find in Salzburg, I find an Andean harp being played by an Ecuadorian. 

The Dom. I'm singing here. O. M. G.

Look up!

The view from the Fortress, looking towards the German border. I think I found my retirement home.

So after a busy morning of walking, we ate lunch and had our first (THREE-HOUR) rehearsal of the trip in preparation for Saturday's concert. After rehearsal, I took my tired body to meet my friend Luke who is visiting us from Australia for some local cuisine, and then we went back for two more hours of rehearsal.

Skoog leading us in rehearsal.

True Austrian Weinerschnitzel with cranberry sauce and potatoes. And of course, a Weißbeir.
And here we are, about ready to pass out again. We have another rehearsal in the morning, and then I'm branching away from the group to join Luke, and we're going to have a build-our-own-Salzburg-adventure kind of afternoon. I don't even know what we're going to do besides walk, but I'm looking forward to it!

Until then, Tchüss!

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